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Ibo Matthews

Group Leader of the Laser Materials Science group, Materials Science Division

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Manyalibo (Ibo) Matthews, PhD, currently serves as Group Leader of the Laser Materials Science group, Materials Science Division at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Research interests include laser-matter interaction science, novel applications in laser-assisted material processing and in situ characterization of fast processes.

A central focus of the group is currently laser-based, metal additive manufacturing (AM) which involves probing the physics and improving the process of AM for improved performance of metal components. The group has developed several R&D platforms to study metal AM, using optical, X-ray, and thermal probes to characterize the laser-matter interactions and dynamics of the process. Ibo currently leads a lab initiative on modulating beam shape and pulse formats of lasers used for metal AM as a means of controlling solidification microstructure and residual stress. Other laser processing activities have included laser-based CVD of optical and ultra-hard materials, nano-coarsening of metal films, and non-contact laser polishing of glass. To improve the optical performance of high power optics, he’s led activities focused on understanding optical damage and helped lay the foundational science for laser-based damage mitigation processes.

Ibo’s interests include in pump-probe, vibrational spectroscopy, plasma spectroscopy, and ultra-high-speed imaging of transient processes. Prior to working at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Ibo was a member of the technical staff at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ and worked on materials characterization of optical devices using novel spectroscopic techniques, stress-induced birefringence management in planar optical devices, and research in advanced broadband access networks.